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Black History Month Student Spotlight: Joshua Foster, Robotics and Automated Technology

Robotics student

February is Black History Month.  EASTERN is extremely proud of our Black students and alum, and we are celebrating by focusing on our successful students throughout the month. This week’s student spotlight features Joshua Foster, an EASTERN Robotics and Automated Technology/Upper Dublin High School junior, who chose Robotics and Automated Technology after attending an Open House at EASTERN in early March 2020.  Although he likes many of EASTERN’s program offerings, he felt as though Robotics and Automated Technology would best prepare him for his future in engineering.

“There is a great deal of Black and African American people in the past who have overcome so many roadblocks in their lives regarding what they wanted to accomplish,” said Joshua.  “Because of those before me, I have a lot of opportunities to accomplish more in my life. Understanding the adversities they faced gives me additional incentive to take those opportunities and take chances. If there is something that I want to do, I go after it with confidence.”

Joshua is inspired by his parents, their accomplishments, and their support of all of his endeavors. “My parents are both highly educated and driven,” said Joshua.  “My mom has a doctorate, and my dad has two master’s degrees.  As successful as they are, they don’t push me to be like them. They want me to do what I want to do and have as much success as I can while being happy with my career choices. After obtaining my engineering degree, I can see myself going into teaching – just like both of my parents.”

Joshua finds the skills he has learned at EASTERN this year to be fun and interesting.  His advice for students interested in a career and technical program at EASTERN is to not put limits on their educational path. “EASTERN doesn’t have to be the final destination of your education,” said Joshua.  “I want to go to college for engineering, and this is a great hands-on experience for what I may be doing in the future.”

Joshua is also an avid Water Polo team member at Upper Dublin High School, so he wants to find a college where he can continue playing. In the Spring, he and his parents will begin college visits.  Although it’s still early, Joshua is interested in military academies that have an engineering focus, or maybe a California State School such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), or the University of California Irvine (UCI).