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EASTERN Veterinary Science Student Chosen as PBS 39 December Artist of the Month

Self portraits

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN)/ Springfield Township High School junior, Kayla Akins, was chosen as the PBS 39 Artist of the Month for December.  She began exploring drawing and painting as a way of lifting her spirits and as an outlet for her creativity during the pandemic.

Kayla loves animals and knows that will be part of her career path.  Through the Veterinary Science program at EASTERN, she discovered that she does not want to be a veterinarian but wants a job in which she will be caring for animals such as grooming, or training dogs for disabled individuals.  Her interest in art is a more recent development, which helped her cope with the stresses of the pandemic. 

There was a hint of her natural creative talent back when she was in middle school. Her class was given a project in which they needed to draw a famous person.  The celebrity was randomly assigned to each student.  She quickly sketched out Taylor Swift.  Her parents knew at that time she may possess a great deal of raw natural artistic talent.  Nonetheless, she chose Veterinary Science at EASTERN because she knew this would help her narrow down her future animal-related career.

“Art is something that helps me so much and makes me feel better,” said Kayla.  “I can sit down and focus on something creative for an hour or two, and I find that it helps me build my concentration.  Don’t limit yourself when you are talented in several things.  They can come together.  If I ever open my own animal clinic, I will decorate it with my artwork.”


Recently, Kayla began selling some of her paintings to interested family and friends.  She decided to participate in an art show at her church and sent her artwork to her Nana.  Her Nana was extremely impressed and sent Kayla the link to apply to be the PBS 39 Artist of the Month.  Kayla did not feel as though her art was professional enough to be selected, but her Nana continued her encouragement.  “I did it, and I won,” said Kayla.  “It was crazy.”

In addition to her budding art career, she runs her own pet-sitting service.  She is considering attempting pet paintings to add to her list of creative endeavors.