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EASTERN Business and Technology Professional Student Promotes Ways to Live More Environmentally Friendly


Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) celebrates students who embody service beyond self, and strive to implement changes to make the world a better place. Today, we recognize Suzanne Seltzer from EASTERN’s Business and Technology Professional program for her work with Springfield Township High School’s Sustainability Club.  She knew the value of using reusable water bottles and lunch bags, but she wanted to find like-minded individuals who also wanted to do more for the environment.


Last year, Suzanne found the Sustainability Club at Springfield Township High School and discovered that a few of her friends were already involved.  Suzanne is an outstanding student at both EASTERN and Springfield Township High School, with many extracurricular activities, such as soccer, stage crew, Thespian Troop 1154, serving as SkillsUSA School-wide officer for EASTERN’s student leadership organization, and being an active member of the National Honor Society. Despite her busy schedule, her main focus has largely been spreading education about the value of being eco-conscious. 

“I love being part of the Sustainability Club,” said Suzanne.  “We do important projects that make real changes, such as park clean-ups and starting a vegetable and butterfly plant garden at the high school.  We are dedicated to our causes, and even developed a summer schedule for students to water and maintain the garden. I feel as though many of the skills I acquired through my Business and Technology Professional program at EASTERN have been an asset to me as part of this club. We recently developed posters promoting recycling.  I was able to use my computer and desktop publishing skills from EASTERN for this project. The Sustainability Club also runs fundraisers to support its effort, such as a recent reusable tote bag campaign. The organization of sales and fundraisers is a big part of my role at EASTERN as SkillsUSA School-Wide Secretary, so I am very comfortable sharing my ideas and suggestions.”

“Suzanne is a leader in my class,” said Mrs. Erin Derby, EASTERN’s Business and Technology Professional Instructor.  “She is smart and very dedicated to every project she takes on.  The world is currently facing serious environmental challenges, and people like Suzanne who are dedicated to this mission will make a change for the better.”