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EASTERN Design, Photography, and Illustration Student is Making Mental Health Awareness in Schools a Priority

JasmineEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) celebrates students who work to make the world a better and more inclusive place for all people. Today, we recognize Jasmine Licari from EASTERN’s Design, Photography, and Illustration program for her work with Abington Senior High School’s Student Inclusion Mission, an organization dedicated to establishing a school district that fosters conversations and promotes a school climate of excellence by fighting for underrepresented voices within the educational environment.  

Jasmine is a member (and former President) of the National Honor Society at Abington Senior High School and currently serves as EASTERN’s Design, Photography, and Illustration Class President.  As busy as her weekly calendar is with her studies, Key Club, and ballroom dancing, her true passion is making sure there are resources for students who are struggling. She joined Abington’s Student Inclusion Mission last year and has enjoyed being part of the solution.

“One very important and successful project that we took on was making sure that Abington students were aware that School Counselors were not just there to assist with college applications,” said Jasmine.  “They are also there to listen and help.  Students need to know they do not have to carry everything on their shoulders alone.”

Jasmine and the Student Inclusion Mission made videos and posters to share with the student population making sure that they were aware of the support system that the Counseling Department offers. Jasmine was pleased with the collaboration with the Counseling department, as they went to each class to introduce themselves and discuss their roles at the school.

The Student Inclusion Mission is one of the newer and smaller clubs at Abington, but Jasmine wants to spread the word and increase membership.  “This is a free club.  Even when we are not working on a specific project, we meet regularly and openly discuss mental health issues.  Sometimes it is hard to stay positive with so much going on in our lives while trying to maintain a strong work ethic. We work on productive ways to handle mental health crises.”