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EASTERN National Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight: Keny Cordon-Acevedo, Construction Technology

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) is proud to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the achievements and sharing the stories of our Hispanic American students.  This week, we feature Keny Cordon-Acevedo, a Springfield Township High School/EASTERN Construction Technology senior.

Keny’s parents were born and raised in Guatemala and moved to the United States as teenagers.  Keny has not been able to visit his grandparents and uncle in Guatemala since he was young, but it is something he plans to do in the future.  Keny values many aspects of his Guatemalan heritage, especially his parents making sure he was fluent in Spanish at a young age.  “There are three students in my Construction Technology class who speak Spanish and it is great to be able to communicate clearly with them in another language,” said Keny. Keny found that there were not many other Hispanic students in his middle school, but now he enjoys the diversity of Springfield Township High School and EASTERN.

Keny knew about the career and technical high school program offerings at EASTERN through his brother, Brandon Cordon, a 2021 Construction Technology graduate.  As someone who enjoys school, Keny found Construction Technology to be a great complement to his education at Springfield.  “As a little kid, I always drew and constructed buildings with Legos. I am interested in eventually pursuing Civil Engineering or Architecture, so this is a great place for me to learn,” said Keny.

“Give EASTERN a try if you have a career interest,” said Keny.  If your high school approves your EASTERN enrollment, appreciate them for investing in you. I will have a house someday, and thanks to my EASTERN education, I will be able to fix it myself.  I won’t have to pay other people. I love EASTERN.  I push myself to get good grades.  EASTERN teaches me things I will need in life.”

Keny has a strong support system through his family but also finds motivation through sports and physical fitness.  He is currently part of the Springfield Township High School Wrestling and Track Teams and was part of their Water Polo team last year.   He is currently narrowing down his options for after graduation, whether or not to pursue postsecondary education or begin a career in the skilled trades, or both.