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EASTERN Alumni Spotlight: Heather Judge, Veterinary Science

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Veterinary Science/Abington Senior High School 2021 graduate, Heather Judge is attending Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, studying Veterinary Nursing with a concentration in Equine Science. Her postsecondary program, along with her Veterinary Science education at EASTERN, is setting her on the path to becoming a Vet Nurse, specializing in horses.

Judge initially heard about the programs at EASTERN from her mother who had been receiving informational mailings from the school. Judge attended EASTERN’s 10th Grade Career Expo in February of 2019 and visited Veterinary Science and Culinary Arts. Judge learned more by speaking to an EASTERN representative at Abington Senior High School’s College and Career Fair, and by attending EASTERN’s Open House where she had the opportunity to speak to EASTERN students about their experiences in the programs.  

“Veterinary Science at EASTERN helped me confirm that I wanted to go into the Vet field in college,” said Judge. “It also helped prepare me for my college coursework because I was already familiar with many of the terms being taught in my college program. I felt like I was a step ahead. My advice to students who are considering a program at EASTERN is – Go to an Open House, schedule a tour, talk to students who are taking programs now and ask them about their day-to-day experiences.  Get involved in all hands-on activities offered. This is a great head start on preparing for college and a career.”