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Student Information

Student Criteria for Participation:

  • Must be in the second year of the occupational program (first year students may be approved for a summer internship between junior and senior year)
  • Any student under 18 – must obtain Working permit papers (PRIOR TO PLACEMENT)
  • The student must have RELIABLE transportation to and from the internship site
  • Must be recommended by instructor
  • Approval from parent/guardian
  • Approval from sponsoring high school principal
  • No major discipline, attendance, or tardy issues
  • Must prepare to meet requirements to pass NOCTI
  • Work must be in the occupational field of the student’s training at EASTERN
  • Student must benefit educationally from the work experience
  • Student must attend on scheduled report days
  • Student must present a professional appearance which is appropriate for the occupation and reflects well on the student, the employer, and EASTERN
  • The student must furnish his/her own tools

Need working papers? Click here to find out how to obtain them through your sending school district.

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Are you interested in getting involved in Co-op at EASTERN?
Talk to your instructor or send an email to:
Ms. Hayley Granacher, School to Career Coordinator –