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About EASTERN’s Occupational Advisory Committees

About EASTERN’s Occupational Advisory Committees

Each of the 15 programs at EASTERN Center for Arts and Technology have their own, unique Occupational Advisory Committee. Occupational Advisory Committees are established and members are appointed by the Executive Advisory Committee (EAC).  These committees make specific recommendations to the EAC for their area and the EAC makes recommendations to the Joint Committee.

Occupational Advisory Committees are composed of representatives of business, industry,
student representatives and labor groups whom provide support and enhance the program by offering:

  • Support and strengthening relationships with EASTERN
  • Recommendations for program improvement
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Establishing performance standards
  • Reviewing and evaluating curriculum
  • Updates and improvements involving safety requirements
  • Recommendations of tools and equipment
  • Liaison activities between the technical program and the community

Watch a short video describing EASTERN’s Occupational Advisory
Committees and their role in regard to EASTERN’s programs.

Learn more in the Occupational Advisory Committee Handbook.

For more information, or if you would like an application to join one of EASTERN’s
Occupational Advisory Committees please call or email:

Ms. Hayley Granacher
School to Career Coordinator
215-784-4800 ext. 368