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School to Career Internship

School To Career Work–Based Education

Work-based learning is taking on new importance in helping students make the school-to-work transition by allowing students to take classroom knowledge and training and allowing them to apply those skills in a real-world workplace setting. It provides an opportunity to enhance and expand the students understanding of their chosen the career field. Cooperative Education is a structured method of connecting classroom instruction with practical work experience.

Through the assistance of the School to Career Coordinator, Ms. Hayley Granacher, students who are recommended by their instructor may go to work at an approved worksite in the area of their trade. Students will work directly under a supervisor/mentor at the worksite to assist, learn, observe, and complete workplace tasks directly related to the theoretical knowledge they have learned in their program at EASTERN. Once approved, the student will be able to work at the approved worksite 4 days a week during their scheduled class time at EASTERN and will attend EASTERN one day a week for class and check in with the School to Career Coordinator.

Goals/Objectives of Cooperative Education:

  • Train flexible young employees in company’s particular methods
  • Assist the students with transition from school to work
  • Master competencies essential to his/her career objective
  • Reinforce classroom & safety instruction
  • Professional interactions/mentoring in an approved work setting
  • Professional development related to employability and job retention skills
  • Beneficial for not only the student but also employers, parents, and the community

Why should YOU get involved?

  • Candidates with sought-after skills – skilled and motivated
  • Provide students with better understanding of career field
  • Partnership with EASTERN
  • Opportunity to provide meaningful contributions towards the program and its curriculum
  • Students bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and enthusiasm to the workplace.
  • An opportunity to evaluate a potential long-term employee before committing


  • Allows the student to develop employment skills, explore career options, and network with potential employers
  • Increases the potential to advance within the career field
  • Provides a direct relationship between the classroom and employment
  • The opportunity to earn money while learning
  • Promotes maturity and the development of interpersonal skills
  • Opportunity for the student to work with state-of-the-art equipment and use the most current industry procedures

For more information or to get connected with our School-to-Work programs, please contact:

Ms. Hayley Granacher
School To Career Coordinator
EASTERN Center for Arts and Technology
215-784-4800 ext. 368