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EASTERN Student Spotlight: Samuel Abramson, Protective Services

Samuel Abramson, a senior at Abington Senior High School, is in his second year of the Protective Services program at the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN). While this program lays the groundwork for careers in police work, firefighting, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and security, Samuel is particularly interested in the medical aspects of these services. His passion lies in ensuring people feel safe, protected, and have a sense of belonging.

Since he was a child, Samuel has been captivated by the protective services field and a desire to help others. He attributes this passion to his father, a dedicated family practice physician who also works closely with patients in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. His father's compassion and commitment to service have inspired Samuel to pursue a path where he can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

In tenth grade at Abington Senior High School, Samuel learned about the Protective Services program at EASTERN. Intrigued by the opportunity to explore various career paths and lay the groundwork for his future, he decided to check it out. Upon visiting the program, he immediately sensed that it was the perfect fit for him, setting him on a course toward his goals. Through his program, Samuel has already earned his CPR and Stop the Bleed certifications. In his free time, Samuel is a hockey enthusiast.

"In Protective Services, it's like having a second family," Samuel shared with a smile. "A bunch of us hang out even outside of school. At EASTERN, you will connect with students from all over Eastern Montgomery County who are just as enthusiastic about this field as you are. I have enjoyed making friends from different high schools. Our class bond is strong, and I am glad I chose to attend EASTERN.”

After graduation, Samuel is looking forward to a gap year, during which he will dive into full-time work before embarking on his EMS education. "I want to keep learning, but I also want to master the art of saving money," he explained. He has set his sights on either Montgomery County Community College or Bucks County Community College for his postsecondary studies, eager to pursue his passion for EMS while gaining real-world experience.