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EASTERN Student Spotlight: Luciana Rios, Cosmetology

Luciana Rios, a senior at Hatboro-Horsham High School enrolled in the Cosmetology II program at the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN), is in the process of applying to take her State Board of Cosmetology Exam early. She has already completed 900 of the 1,250 class hours required. Luciana is one of the most advanced seniors in the Cosmetology program in terms of accumulating her necessary hours.

Luciana has always had a casual interest in cosmetology, initially viewing it as a hobby or a fun activity. Her original plan was to pursue postsecondary education. However, her perspective changed in 10th grade when she toured EASTERN. The experience sparked a newfound excitement in her to start earning hours toward her cosmetology license. What was once a hobby has now become Luciana's true passion in life.

Luciana has a well-thought-out 10-year plan for her career in the cosmetology industry. Her plan begins with spending five years at a salon, where she aims to build a strong and loyal client base. During this time, she will refine her skills, stay updated with the latest trends, and establish herself as a reputable stylist. After gaining valuable experience and a stable income, Luciana plans to spend the next three years saving diligently. This period will allow her to accumulate the necessary funds to finance her dream of opening her own salon. With her savings in place and her expertise honed, Luciana will then dedicate two years to successfully launching her own salon. She envisions a warm and inviting space where clients can relax and receive top-notch services. Luciana's goal is not just to run a successful business but also to create a welcoming environment where both clients and employees feel valued and appreciated.

Luciana has found her true passion in EASTERN’s Cosmetology program. She treasures the friendships she has formed with classmates from different parts of Eastern Montgomery County. Luciana also admires her instructor, Ms. Wendy Leyden, for fostering a family-like atmosphere in the class. Luciana values the insights shared by industry professionals who visit the class, enhancing her learning experience. She sees cosmetology as a blend of science and art, perfectly aligning with her skills and interests.

Luciana is currently employed at Essentials Salon in Valley Square, where she primarily works as a hair washer and assists with cleaning duties. She mentioned that the typical progression for newcomers at the salon is to start as an assistant, then move on to become a stylist apprentice, and finally, a full-fledged stylist. 

She plans to complete her hours early this summer and then begin her apprenticeship. Luciana advises anyone interested in Cosmetology at EASTERN to "show up." She emphasizes the importance of attendance, noting that EASTERN provides ample opportunities to gain hours during the summer session and in-service classes. Luciana encourages students to take their education seriously and forge their own path in the field.