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EASTERN Student Spotlight: Arianna Davis, Design, Photography, and Illustration

Arianna Davis, a senior at Cheltenham High School, is enrolled in the Design, Photography, and Illustration program at the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN). She has made a name for herself at EASTERN and Cheltenham for her graphic design skills and creativity. Arianna is the recipient of EASTERN’s Design, Photography, and Illustration Occupational Advisory Committee Professionalism – Senior Award. Throughout the year, she has been busy designing t-shirts, tickets, banners, and flyers for Cheltenham High School and logos for her friends' businesses.

Arianna began designing for Cheltenham High School when her basketball coach asked her to create a t-shirt design for the team. This opportunity quickly expanded, showcasing her talent and reliability. She soon found herself designing season passes for both the basketball and football teams, creating visually appealing flyers for the senior BBQ, and even decorating the class bulletin board. Her designs became a staple in the school's events and activities, reflecting her commitment and artistic flair.

Arianna's reputation for creativity and quality work spread beyond Cheltenham High School. A friend from Abington Senior High School asked her to create a prom banner, which she eagerly took on. Throughout the year, more opportunities were presented to Arianna, such as designing advertisements for her friend's barber business. Arianna's ability to translate her creative vision into effective marketing tools has made her a valuable asset to those around her.

Arianna enjoys using her innate creativity to help people with their businesses and projects. Whether it's a school event or a friend's entrepreneurial venture, she approaches each task with enthusiasm and dedication. Her work not only supports her community but also allows her to hone her skills and build a diverse portfolio, preparing her for a successful future in graphic design. She credits her success and determination to her grandmother, whom she lovely referred to as “Shug.”  Sadly, Arianna lost her grandmother this year. “She was my best friend and my biggest inspiration,” said Arianna. “She is the reason I am who I am today, and why I have a strong work ethic.”

“Arianna has used her skills outside of the classroom to help her high school, friends, and family,” said Ms. Nicole Abruzzi, EASTERN’s Design, Photography, and Illustration Instructor. “She is modest about her abilities and does things specifically to help others—not for recognition. I am proud of everything she has accomplished and cannot wait to see where her talent takes her in the future.”

Arianna will be attending Temple University's Tyler School of Art for Graphic Communications. She aims to work for a company that values her creativity and professionalism. Additionally, as someone who enjoys working, she plans to take on freelance jobs.