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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement and Transfer of Credit Policy Into EASTERN

Applicants are required to take and pass a pre-entrance test (Test of Essential Academic Skills – TEAS).

Advanced Placement and Transfer of Credit Procedure

Consideration may be given to an individual requesting admission to EASTERN Practical Nursing Program based on documented credentials and experience. Transferred courses must have been completed with a “C” or better and have been taken within 3 years of the program start date. EASTERN’s Practical Nursing program is measured in clock hours, not credit hours. Below is the clock-hour to credit hour conversion as per the U. S. Department of Education (July, 1, 2011)

Clock to Credit Hour Conversion:

  • One semester/trimester credit hour is equal to at least 37.5 clock hours of instruction, including a minimum of 30 clock hours of classroom or direct faculty instruction. The remaining 7.5 clock hours may include acceptable and documented student work outside of class and/or instructional hours.
  • An institution may use the clock hours of instruction currently in place if the institution’s accrediting agency recognizes student work outside of class as additional clock hours which combined with the instructional clock-hours is at least 37.5 clock hours for 1 semester/trimester credit hour or 25 clock hours for 1 quarter credit hour.
  • Fractions of credits (other than one-half) are rounded off to the next lowest whole-number. A clock (or contact) hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of supervised or directed instruction and appropriate breaks in a 60 minute period.

Clock Hour to Credit Conversion Chart

All Advanced Placement or Transfer of Credit candidates must:

  • Applicants are required to take and pass a pre-entrance test (Test of Essential Academic Skills-TEAS).
  • Complete the application process for EASTERN Practical Nursing Program.
  • Provide course descriptions or outlines from completed courses or program.
  • Provide official school transcripts (demonstrating a passing grade or better and taken in the last 3 years).

Each Advanced Placement Candidate will be evaluated and depending on their experience and credentials and may need to complete the following:

  • Clinical challenge—Skills Laboratory Practicum
  • Independent Study for Personal and Vocational Relationships I
  • Extended clinical challenge – Hospital based
    • Six (6) clinical days (2-2-2) Three sets of Mondays/Tuesdays.
    • Patient care planning/medication administration/hygiene/tube feeding/respiratory care/IV meds and IV therapy/wound care, ostomy care/catheterization.

Costs will be determined individually and are dependent on the number of courses the applicant will be required to take. Costs may include:

  • Skills Practicum Evaluation
  • Hospital Clinical Evaluation
  • Tuition for enrolled classes