Student of the Month: September

Orie Zaga – Commercial Art

This award is sponsored each month by EASTERN’s faculty, Joint Operating CommitteeOrie Zaga, Commercial Art September Student of the Month and the Willow Grove Rotary Club to highlight student excellence, success and service.
This month Orie Zaga was selected. He is a senior at Abington Senior High School and is being honored for his work in EASTERN’s Commercial Art program.

About Orie:

  • Orie already had a passion for photography when he attended EASTERN’s Open House as a sophomore. His interest in the program elevated when he heard the Commercial Art Instructor, Nicole Mohrey, explain how the program will teach him how to turn his love of photography into a lucrative career.
  • Orie volunteers his time for Cheltenham Intramural Soccer as a referee.
  • After graduation from Abington Senior High School and EASTERN’s Commercial Art program, he plans to attend The Tyler School of Art and Architecture based at
    Temple University to pursue photography. Ultimately, he would like to own his
    own photography business.
  • “Orie is a skilled photographer and is always willing to help a classmate,” said
    Nicole Mohrey, EASTERN’s Commercial Art Instructor. “He enjoys watching
    others succeed and has a strong sense of volunteerism. His knowledge and skills
    improved a great deal his first year, and I am very excited to see what
    accomplishments this school year has in store for him.”

Orie’s accomplishments:

  • As a junior in the Commercial Art program, Orie was recognized at EASTERN’s
    Awards Night in May 2019 with the Creative Junior Photography and Director
  • At Abington Senior High School, he has frequently achieved honor roll status, and
    he received the Music Award in May 2017.