Electrical Technology


A world without electricity is hard to imagine!  Our training will provide the essential hands-on and safety skills that a student needs to pursue a rewarding career in the electrical construction industry. This two-year multi-faceted career program enables the student to learn the basics of electricity as well as residential and commercial wiring, data cabling and basic fiber optic installation. One-year seniors will be considered if space is available in the program.


  • Career Pathways:
    Program prepares students for entry level employment as electrician’s helper, maintenance helper, or electrician upon completion of the Journeymen’s certification. With further education and experience, students can find opportunities in occupations such as residential or commercial electrician, and electrical engineering.

See Career Pathway Information here.

  • Post-secondary/Advanced Placement:
    Students have continued their education at Bucks County Community College, EASTERN’s Continuing Education Electrician Program, Montgomery County Community College, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Temple University, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and Williamson Trade School.Students may also qualify for advanced placement college credit at Pennsylvania College of Technology or want to consider an apprenticeship program after high school.

  • Industry Certifications:
    Students can earn their Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10 certification, Ladder Safety Training provided by the American Ladder Institute and S/P2 – Construction, which is an online certification that teaches safety and career readiness skills.

  • Prerequisites:
    Students must have good color vision and the ability to climb moderate heights on a ladder.

  • Materials and fees:
    Approximately $75