Electrical Technology



This two-year half-day multi-faceted program teaches the basics of electricity as well as residential and commercial wiring, data cabling and basic fiber optic installation. One-year seniors will be considered if space is available in the program.


What You Should Know

Career Objectives:

  • Rental Clerk
  • Electrician’s Helper
  • Maintenance Helper
  • Electrician – both Residential and Commercial


  • Good color vision and hand eye coordination
  • Ability to climb moderate heights on a ladder

Advanced Placement and Apprenticeship:

  • Students may also qualify for advanced placement college credit at Penn College of Technology or want to consider an apprenticeship program after high school.

With Higher Education:

  • This program prepares the student for success in such career fields as residential or commercial electrician, electrical engineering, teaching, computer systems engineering, communications engineering and development.


Program Benefits

College Post-Secondary Opportunities:

Penn College of Technology

  • Advanced Placement- competancy assessment evaluation made by our teacher to Penn College of Technology and they assign credit value
  • Savings from $1,120-$3,360

Professional Certifications and Other Benefits:

  • Students practice their electrical skills at EASTERN including data wiring.


Internship and Graduate Placement

Paid Internship Employers:

Companies that hired a student through our Paid Internship Program:

  • Carr and Duff
  • Bright Light  Electric
  • Reuter and Haney
  • Valley Power, Inc.

Paid internship students need 665 hours, or about a year and a half in their program before being considered for paid internship. They usually work 4 days a week during school time for the employer and come back to EASTERN one day per week to work on any task as yet unfinished or skills needed for the job.

Graduate Placement:

Many of our graduates continue their education or begin their employment right out of school. The following is a list of the educational institutions and companies that have placed our graduates:

  • Penn College of Technology
  • Triangle Technology
  • Eastern Center for Arts and Technology
  • Montgomery County Community College
  • United States Armed Forces
  • United States Navy