Construction Technology



This two-year half-day program is the first step for students interested in pursuing a successful career in the carpentry field. One-year seniors will be considered if space is available in the program.


What You Should Know

Career Objectives:

  • Carpenter Pre-Apprentice
  • Exterior Remodeling and Installation
  • Roofing & Siding Helper.

Students will:

  • Work on both residential and commercial construction in the school’s shop.

Advanced Placement and Apprenticeship:

  • Students may qualify for advanced placement college credit at Penn College of Technology or consider an apprenticeship program after high school.

With Higher Education:

  • This program prepares the student for success in such career fields as architecture, general contracting, teaching, surveying, construction management, construction technology, civil engineering, architectural engineering, code enforcement and insurance adjuster.


Program Benefits

College Post-Secondary Opportunities:

Penn College of Technology:

  • Advanced Placement – competency assessment evaluation made by our teacher to Penn College of Technology and they assign credit value
  • Savings from $1,120-$3,360

Professional Certifications and Other Benefits:

  • Second year students’ carpentry skills are put to the test building a house in the school’s construction bay.
  • First-year students team up and build a small shed/play house that is sold at the completion of the project.


Externship and Graduate Placement

Paid Externship Employers:
Paid externship students need 665 hours, or about a year and a half in their program before being considered for paid externship. They usually work 4 days a week during school time for the employer and come back to EASTERN one day per week to work on any task as yet unfinished or skills needed for the job.

Graduate Placement:
Many of our graduates continue their education or begin their employment right out of school. The following is a list of the educational institutions and companies that have placed our graduates:

  • ABC Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Abington Township
  • Carpenter’s Apprenticeship School
  • Penn College of Technology
  • Delaware State University
  • Kutztown University
  • Montgomery County Community College
  • Carpenters Union
  • CSL Enterprises Custom Builders, Inc.
  • DeLaurentis Construction
  • Giant Eagle Construction Co.
  • IAN Construction
  • Jacquelin Construction
  • Kirshaw Contractors
  • Klover Contracting, Inc.
  • LAR Construction
  • Merrigan Construction
  • Parchment Masonry
  • E. Allen Reeves
  • Russell Roofing
  • Tilghman Builders, Inc.