Computer Network Administration



In this two-year half-day program, students must pass the Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) exam in the first year of the program, and are prepared for other industry certification exams including Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).
One-year seniors will be considered if space is available in the program.


What You Should Know

Career Objectives:
Computer Network Administrator; Linux Administrator

Algebra II completed or scheduled during the first year of the program

College Post-Secondary Opportunities:

  • More than 95% of Computer Network Administration students attend college. Students can be dually enrolled for up to 12 transferable credits at Montgomery County Community College.
  • Students are guaranteed admission into Penn State Abington School of Information Sciences and Technology if they meet PSU criteria.
  • Students may also qualify for advanced placement credit at Penn College of Technology.
  • DeVry University offers a $1,200 per semester scholarship to students who successfully complete the first semester of Cisco.

Other colleges students have attended include:
Temple University, Drexel University and West Chester University.

With Higher Education:
This program provides the foundation for success in such career fields as: computer information systems technology, computer network administration, and technology support.

Accomplishments and Dual Enrollment:
Computer Network Administration students benefit from the curriculum connection EASTERN has with Cisco, and Microsoft. Dual enrollment saves students time and money in college by getting a head start here!


Program Benefits

College Opportunities:

Montgomery County Community College:

  • Dual Enrollment – up to 12 transferable credits
  • Savings up to $1600
  • Students can take additional credits at the college

Penn State University – Abington:

  • Acceptance into the Information Sciences and Technology program and admission fee waived if they meet requirements
  • Savings of $50, plus acceptance into the limited openings of the program

Penn College of Technology:

  • Advanced Placement – competency assessment evaluation made by our teacher to Penn College of Technology and they assign credit value.
  • Savings up to $3,360

DeVry University:

  • Can earn up to eight credits in one of three DeVry programs:
    • Networks and Communications Mgt. Network Systems Administration
    • Electronics and Computer Tech.
    • COMP 126 or 129
    • NETW 110 or 202
  • Savings up to $4,240

Professional Certifications:

  • Certified Linux Administrator (CLA)
  • Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS)