Business and Technology Professional Instructor

Meet Ms. Crane – Business and Technology Professional Instructor (Long Term Substitute)

Marketa CraneMarketa Crane began as the Business and Technology Professional Long-Term Substitute Instructor at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) in August 2018.  Business and Technology Professional at EASTERN is designed for high school juniors and seniors who plan to pursue a career in a professional office environment.

Ms. Crane has a great deal of experience teaching business, math and technology-related classes in the North Penn School District, provided private tutoring services in Math and English, worked as a Verbal Behavior Therapist at Hoban and Associates in Glenside, PA, and as a Verbal Behavior Classroom Teacher Aide in the Upper Merion School District.  For 12 years prior to teaching, Ms. Crane held various positions in the business field, such as Research Analyst, Assistant Fund Manager, and Administrative Assistant. Most recently, she taught a math at middle school in Philadelphia.

Ms. Crane received her Bachelor of Business Administration, her Master of Science in Finance, and her PA Certification in Elementary Education from Temple University.  Her teaching certifications include Business, Computers and Technology.