ELE-204 Direct Current Circuits

ELE-204 Direct Current Circuits

Day of week class meets: Thursday
Date(s): Jan 09, 2020 - Mar 26, 2020
Time:6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Instructor: Arthur Felton

Course Description:

Fee: $310.00 This course teaches basic circuit notation, application of concepts of scientific notations, metric prefixes, measurement of electrical quantities, devices used for measurement, resistance/conductance, resistance of a known piece of material, Ohm’s Law as used in calculating unknown circuit quantities, basic theory and fundamental sources of electricity, electrostatics, and power law, calculation of voltage dividers in series and parallel circuits, properties of conduction in liquids and gases, properties of batteries, magnetism, electro-magnetism, electrical measuring instruments, application of electro-magnetism in DC circuits and calculation of voltage, current and resistance pertaining to electrical measuring instruments will be taught in this class.

Anne Marie Brahan
Email: abrahan@eastech.org
Phone: 215-784-4802

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ELE-204 Direct Current Circuits
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