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Executive Advisory Committee

What is the Executive Advisory Committee?

The Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of business and community leaders who advise the Joint Operating Committee of EASTERN on the training needs of business and industry.The EAC oversees a network of 16 Occupational Advisory Committees (OACs)–one for each program offered at EASTERN. These committees, made up of individuals who are working in the occupational area, advise the school on what should be taught, the standards that students should be able to meet and what tools and equipment students need to be able to use in order to meet industry requirements.

This two-level arrangement of advisory committees was established by EASTERN’s administration and the Joint Operating Committee in the late 1980’s to insure that the decision-making process at EASTERN would proceed on the basis of appropriate information about all matters pertaining to the occupations for which EASTERN provides education and training and to the characteristics and evolution of the industries in which these occupations are found within the communities served by EASTERN. As EASTERN has increasingly made strategic planning a core element of its institutional culture since 1995, the EAC/OAC structure has acquired, in parallel, a focus on strategic idea-generation and advocacy, and has incorporated into its specific activities, active support for the pursuit of the goals incorporated in the strategic plans.