Social and Local Demographics Team

  • Goal: Identify the most important social and local demographic trends that will threaten or provide opportunity for the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.

    Description: The Social and Local Demographics Team is one of four teams looking at external factors that could impact EASTERN in the coming six years. The team is asked to review data and reports to formulate a list of opportunities and threats. Members are encouraged to provide their expertise and knowledge to enhance the collaborative process. The list will be combined with the other three team’s lists to develop a comprehensive look at EASTERN’s future.

    Expected Outcomes: Develop a list of 3-5 opportunities and 3-5 threats, with a short description of each, that explain why they are important Social and Local Demographic Trends that will impact EASTERN’s future.


    • Mark Pellico (Team Leader)
    • Amy Shields (Internal Coordinator)
    • Latonia Ayscue
    • Kathleen Carver
    • Nick Ciasullo
    • Julian Drennen
    • Lynn Hindemyer
    • Ken Piccari
    • Elton Richardson
    • Chuck Rittenhouse
    • Dennis Williams