Mission, Governance, and Institutional Planning Team

  • Goal: Assess the documentation and practices of EASTERN’s Philosophy, Governance, and School Improvement and Planning processes in order to develop a list of strengths and weaknesses for the Current Reality Report.

    Description: The Mission, Governance, and Institutional Planning Team is one of four Internal Scanning Teams reviewing the Middle States Career and Technical School Standards for Accreditation and the PDE Comprehensive Planning Tool to develop the Current Reality Report.

    Expected Outcomes: Develop a list of 3-5 strengths and 3-5 weaknesses, with a short description of each, which will explain why they are important to the Current Reality Report.


    • Steve Parke (Team Leader)
    • Tess Eichenberger (Team Facilitator)
    • Angela Altadonna
    • Carol Duell
    • Joel Marucheck
    • Linda McAlpine
    • Noreen McDonnell
    • Joseph Greb
    • Robert Steinbacher