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EASTERN Townhall Meeting

EASTERN Cares logo - Respect, Equity and SafetyDear EASTERN Parents,

Now that you have received our Hybrid Safety Protocols, enrolled your student in either hybrid or virtual learning, and designated your transportation method, our administrative team would like to invite you to participate in a Town Hall Meeting.  During this virtual meeting, our administrative team will review our safety protocols and answer questions parents may still have.

Please use this link to register for this meeting and to submit your questions in advance. A zoom invitation will be sent out by noon on October 29th.

We look forward to meeting with you,

Dr. Cathleen Plesnarski,  Executive Director
Mr. Joseph Greb, Assistant Director
Mrs. Allison Larson, Career and Technical Education Supervisor

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School Year 2020-2021 Reopening Updates

Posted Oct 16, 2020EASTERN Cares logo

Dear EASTERN Family,

Last night our Joint Operating Committee approved our recommendation to transition to a hybrid model starting November 5th.  The previous update I sent to you communicated the schedule and safety protocols we will have in place to ensure student and staff safety along with a presentation for parents.  All communications regarding school operations during the pandemic are posted on here on our website for your convenience.

You will be receiving an email from Mrs. Larson, Career and Technical Education Supervisor, with a link to a form for you to sign up for our hybrid model, request to stay in a virtual model, and select your transportation method.  This allows us to finalize our planning to ensure a smooth transition.  Please keep in mind that we do not recommend the fully virtual model for a long duration for most of our programs.  Mrs. Larson will contact Students/Parents who elect to remain virtual to discuss the impact on attaining the career objective for the program.  Also keep in mind that the virtual learning that is part of the hybrid or fully virtual experience will be much different for most programs when we transition into a hybrid program.  Our teachers will be here working with students on hands-on skills while students work mostly independently on virtual days.  Each of our programs are unique and our teachers will be setting up their in-person and virtual learning to best serve our students and help them reach their career objective.

Earlier this week, many of our district superintendents and I met with staff from the Montgomery County Department of Health (DOH) to discuss how we can all collaborate effectively through this model to ensure student safety and school responsiveness.  Our DOH friends, who are also the people who conduct contact tracing and monitor the spread of COVID-19 in the county, shared some really important information with us that I want to share with you:

When there is a positive case (student or staff) in schools that adhere to masking and social distancing protocols, they are not seeing the virus spread and they are not seeing disruptions to education.  Meaning other students/staff are not getting infected and because everyone is wearing masks and maintaining 6 feet of social distancing, other students/staff are not being asked to quarantine.  When there is a positive case and the DOH conducts contact tracing, a contact is someone who was within 6 feet of a person who tested positive for 15 minutes or more.

EASTERN will be strictly enforcing mask wearing and social distancing a minimum of 6 feet so we can make this a safe and positive experience for students.  Our hybrid model allows us to have half of our class (average of 10) in a classroom at a time which also helps us ensure the appropriate distancing.

We are looking forward to seeing our students back again in our building and meeting some of our students for the first time.

Screening and Reporting:

Parents, please screen your child before sending them to school.  Do not send your child to school if they are experiencing:

One of these symptoms:

  • Fever (100.4 or higher)
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing


Two of these symptoms:

  • Sore throat
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, please report this immediately by calling the school 21784-4800 or emailing this address (email preferred): covid@eastech.org

Thank you for your continued support,

Cathleen Plesnarski
Executive Director

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Career Pathways at EASTERN

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) is committed to providing our students with career pathway options that suit their skill sets and career aspirations. Our goal for all graduates is placement on the track that they select, which may include going directly into the workforce, an apprentice program, internship, certificate program, post-secondary education, or a combination of two or more. We work closely with our participating districts to provide the highest quality career and technical education possible.

We have developed this Career Pathway Program Booklet with students, participating high school guidance counselors, and parents of potential EASTERN students, in mind.  This document provides a clear and purposeful description of our career and technical programs, their expectations, requirements, and the potential career and postsecondary options available. If you would like to request a hard copy, please contact Amy Shields, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator, at ashields@eastech.org.

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Hybrid Instruction Information

The Eastern Center for Arts and Technology has obtained approval to begin hybrid instruction on November 5, 2020. We need to know if your child is planning on hybrid or virtual instruction. Please  answer the following survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HK2DW7S  so we can plan for instruction.

If you choose virtual instruction, Mrs. Larson will be reaching out to let you know what instruction will look like for your child.  If you choose hybrid instruction, she will notify the high school of your choice and work with them if transportation is needed.

If you choose hybrid instruction and your child will be driving to EASTERN, the Student Parking Permit Form needs to be completed, saved, and sent with a copy of your child’s license, registration, and insurance card to parking@eastech.org. If you can not scan the information we will obtain it when your student arrives at school in person.

If your child will be riding with another student you need to complete the Student Passenger Form and have the parent of the driver list your child as an approved passenger.

All student parking related forms are found on the EASTERN website Parents and Students web page at https://www.eastech.org/parents-and-students/.

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Veterinary Science Student Uses Skills to Help Friends

Greg Destefano, Veterinary Science student.Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Veterinary Science/Abington Senior High School senior, Greg Destefano, is currently enjoying working part-time at Hamilton Animal Hospital in Roslyn while working virtually through his first semester at EASTERN and Abington Senior High School. Although Greg is busy with school and work, he still makes time for what he finds most rewarding – helping others with their pets.

Greg Destefano, Veterinary Science student.

Greg chose Veterinary Science at EASTERN because of his love for animals. After visiting EASTERN through Abington’s 10th grade visit, he felt as though the program fell in line with his future plans – which he was confident would include animal care. Greg maintains excellent grades in Veterinary Science and has been selected as a team leader by his EASTERN Veterinary Science Instructor, Karen McGeehan. Mrs. McGeehan has also nominated Greg to interview for Student of the Month later in October.

At Hamilton Animal Hospital, Greg calls the pet owners to document the pet symptoms, brings the animal inside, and restrains it for the doctor. Once the doctor has completed the examination, Greg gets the medication ready to go home with the client. He also cleans exam rooms following appointments and runs in-house diagnostics.

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Alumni Spotlight: Nekicia Black, Cosmetology

Nekicia Black, Cosmetology graduate.Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Cosmetology/Upper Dublin High School 1992 graduate, Nekicia Black, is currently the Transition Coordinator at Upper Dublin High School, while also pursuing her Doctorate Degree from Immaculata University. Education became one of her career goals due to her experiences at EASTERN.

While in Middle School at Upper Dublin, Black enrolled in EASTERN’s Summer Fun Introduction to Cosmetology program, which helped encourage her passion for the makeup and fashion fields. During high school, Black felt as though EASTERN was a good fit for her career plans, since she was also pursuing a career as a full figure model and knew this was an opportunity to cut out the middle man by learning to do her own hair and make-up for fashion shows. During her time at EASTERN, Black passed her state board of Cosmetology and completed her Cosmetology Teacher hours. In working with her EASTERN Cosmetology Instructor, Mr. Bailey, as a classroom assistant, she enjoyed helping her peers learn, and it is from that experience that her desire to teach was ignited.

“I worked my way through college doing hair and makeup for church members and wedding parties. Currently, I still hold a valid PA license. I worked hard to earn my license, so I never let it lapse,” said Black. “One thing that the highly qualified staff taught me at EASTERN was to believe in myself and that I could be and do anything I set my mind to in life. EASTERN was not only about Cosmetology for me. It was the mentors and leaders who really set my pathway when I didn’t honestly have a clue what I was really doing in life. Advice that I would give any student in a career and tech program as well as all students is that you can attend college. I am a proud EASTERN Alum and I will always encourage students to reach beyond the skies, as we don’t know what the universe holds for anyone.”

Since graduating from Upper Dublin High School and EASTERN, Black has gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Cheyney University, a master’s degree in Special Education as well as an ESL and Reading Specialist Cert from Arcadia University, and an Education Leadership Certification from Cabrini University.

Save thousands of dollars by taking Cosmetology at EASTERN while in high school! This two-year program will provide the skills necessary to begin a career in the cosmetology field. In Pennsylvania, as well as other states, cosmetologists must be licensed to practice in the field. Learn more at https://www.eastech.org/eastern-programs/cos/.

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Student Spotlight: Emma Massinger wins EASTERN Cares Logo Contest

https://easterncenter-5azrzev5xxf6aus3vm.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/EmmaMassinger_opt.jpgEastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Commercial Art/Hatboro-Horsham High School junior, Emma Massinger, created the winning design for a an EASTERN Cares logo to be displayed as a sign of hope and compassion as we enter the 2020 – 2021 school year this fall. In June, EASTERN’s Commercial Art students were invited by their instructor to submit their logo sketches, and a school-wide staff and faculty poll was conducted. Her design will be displayed on all of EASTERN’s back to school signage throughout the building.EASTERN Cares Logo

Emma chose Commercial Art at EASTERN because she had always had a passion for art. After visiting EASTERN during her sophomore year of high school, and meeting Nicole Mohrey, EASTERN’s Commercial Art Instructor, she knew that the Commercial Art program would give her the knowledge necessary to make a career out of what she enjoys. Learning from home for the last three months of school was difficult, but Emma made the best of the situation and remained an active and successful student.

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EASTERN Recognized 140 Students at May Awards Ceremony

Awards Night 2020 LogoOn Wednesday, May 27, 2020, EASTERN held its annual Awards Night, virtually on their website at 7p.m. This year, 140 students were recognized with more than $40,000 awarded for academic and technical achievement. EASTERN is grateful to the EASTERN Foundation for their fundraising efforts, and to all award sponsors, contributors, advisory committee members, and local businesses for helping EASTERN honor its outstanding students during this unprecedented time.

“We know that the virtual presentation can’t replace the joy of being recognized publicly and in person for student achievements,” said Dr. Cathleen Plesnarski, EASTERN’s Executive Director. “We wanted our students to feel appreciated and know just how outstanding they are. They did well while in the classrooms at EASTERN and pushed through to make the best of an unusual and sometimes scary situation while learning from home. They kept up with their assignments and finished strong. Thank you to all EASTERN students for your determination.”

Student awards are provided by the EASTERN Foundation, and supported by businesses, various community organizations, and individual donors. The purpose of EASTERN’s Foundation is to recognize EASTERN student achievement and success by assisting both students whose goal is post-secondary education and students who intend to start a rewarding career. Our business and industry partners inspired this effort and continue to support it extensively.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the EASTERN Foundation to support student awards, checks can be made payable to the “EASTERN Foundation” and mailed to EASTERN at 3075 Terwood Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090. The EASTERN Foundation now has an online contribution link https://www.eastech.org/foundation/donate.

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